Monday, January 12, 2009

What is a Handyman?

"A jack of all trades; a master of none." That's one definition. My dictionary says: "One who does odd jobs." That's even better because I have done some very odd jobs! Okay, I know it doesn't mean that kind of odd.

So, what is a handyman? Maybe we should first think of who is a handyman. There are some people, who finding themselves without work, decide to be a handyman. Others, needing some extra income, decide to moonlight as a handyman.

Then there is the professional. This is the individual who has chosen the vocation. It is similar to someone who becomes a plumber or an electrician.

So what are the marks of this vocation?
  • I think the first requirement is a natural inclination to understand how things work.
  • Second, is common sense.
  • Third, is a willingness to study how things operate and how to repair them.
  • Fourth, is the acquisition of the tools and supplies necessary to do a wide variety of jobs.
  • Fifth, and most important, is knowledge of your limitations.
A lack of knowledge of one's limits is what has given handymen a bad name. I hear many stories from my customers of their experience from a self-proclaimed handyman. They were anything but handy! In many instances, problems were made worse. The lack of tools, basic equipment and supplies is a big complaint also. Can you imagine someone coming to your home to work and asking if you have a hammer?

As a professional handyman I take my trade very seriously. I am constantly learning more, adding to my tools and supplies and am always aware of my limitations.

There are a multitude of things that I do very well and that saves you money. Have you ever been frustrated because you had to call the plumber for one small job, the electrician for another, a carpenter for a third and after paying premium rates you are still left with a list of things that need to be done?

Calling a professional handyman is like one-stop shopping. Your list of needed repairs becomes a thing of the past and you can finally relax. Let me help you cross those things off your list.

Of course, there are times that you will need to call another specialized service person, but less frequently and the difference will translate into a major savings to you.

I hope you now better understand what I do and how I can be of service to you. I look forward to your call.



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