Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What About the Warranty?

I worked for a long time customer today. The job was to replace the p-trap under the bathroom sink and to replace the stems in the faucet. It was a fairly simple job although I had to make a run for some specialized parts.

After I was done, we were looking at some repairs that she wanted done in the future. One was that her kitchen faucet was loose. It wasn’t that the faucet was loose from the sink but the body was loose from the mounting plate. Sometimes there are screws that can be tightened and other times the mount has broken. We talked about seeing on the next trip if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

After I talked to her I remembered that the faucet should have a warranty as it was a good brand. I looked it up and found out that it had a lifetime warranty. I gave her a call and asked if she has her receipt or other paperwork. That will come in handy if it needs to be replaced.

This brings up the subject of warranties. Most products have them but you need the receipt or another proof of purchase for it to be honored. It’s a good idea to have a specific place where you keep paperwork like that. Even if you throw it in a box without any organization it will be there if you ever need it. In the case of this particular faucet the replacement cost is about $50.00. Of course they don’t usually cover labor charges but at least she wouldn’t have to pay for the faucet itself.

On another subject, I talked to a new customer this week about some sprinkler heads she needed moved. As we talked she told me about how she had hired someone to do various work after he came to her door giving his sad story and told her he was willing to do any work to support his family. She said he did several repairs okay and then he asked for some money upfront for some painting he was going to do. Of course you can guess the rest, the painting was never done. Another reminder to be very careful of who you hire and especially if they ask for money before the job is complete.


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